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Vēsma, Fanija

Camping KALĒJI

Camping KALĒJI


Cemping KALĒJI

"Senči" Ziemupe,Vērgale parish
 +371 29141389; +371 26394460
open from May till September

   Campsite “Kalēji” (“Blacksmiths") is located on the sea-coast of the Baltic Sea, in Kurzeme area - 25 km away from Liepaja, 5 km away from the heart of Ziemupe. Here with us you can relax on a peaceful and sandy beach.

   Only 150m away from the sea we have some guest houses for families (for 2-6 people). You might also like the opportunity to pitch your tent and build a fire almost next the sea. For your convenience we offer a kitchen for cooking your meals, as well as WC, showers, and a playground for children.

   This campsite is mostly suited for people who appreciate the peace and quiet of countryside. Are you one of them? We welcome you!