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Dzintaru iela 3, Pāvilosta

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Bicycle route
“Travel around Pāvilosta” (13km)
    Road surfacing – asphalt, gravel, sand. You may orientate yourself by street names in the central part of Pāvilosta and marks in the bicycle route section on the left bank of the Saka river. The route begins from the TIC of Pāvilosta region and it is possible to go sightseeing in Pāvilosta. Further details about the route may be received in the TIC of Pāvilosta region.


 Bicycle route  "Pāvilosta sea bicycle range"

This route is the section of international bicycle route Eiro velo 11. It is possible to go to sightseeing in Pavilosta region. Bicycle route have been developed three altenative routes:

1. Pāvilosta - Akmeņraga bāka – Ziemupe – Saraiķi – Vērgale - Saka - Pāvilosta (~80km)

2 day trip. Road surfacing – 50 km asphalt, 30 km gravel.


2. Pāvilosta - Akmeņraga bāka – Ziemupe – Vērgale – Saka - Pāvilosta (~68km)

2 day trip . Road surfacing- 40 km asphalt, 28km gravel.


3. Ziemupe – Saraiķi -Vērgale - Ziemupe (~20km)

1 day trip. Road surfacing- asphalt and gravel.


Further details about the route may be recieved in the TIC of Pāvilosta region , Dzintaru ielā 2,+371 63498229, +371 29121894




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