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Enjoy the water!


Trips at sea with a fishing boat

Jūras iela 4, Pāvilosta
+371 26321587, +371 29449927
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Ostmalas iela 4, Pāvilosta

+371 29409848


   Sea tours by the motorboat Marry Fisher625 (6 seats). You may also go fishing. Fishing equipment is available. Our captain can take you to Akmeņrags lighthouse. 
   Wind Agency
Dzintaru iela 2A, Pāvilosta 
+371 29104444
  Tourism service provider since 2009 engaged in the promotion of tourism Pavilosta, organizing training and recreational sailing certificate.


Pavilosta youth SURF club

Dzintaru iela 1C, Pāvilosta
+371 26444934

  Wind, the sun, sea and sometimes good waves – Pāvilosta beach offers that all. That is why Pāvilosta surf club is there summer after summer and this year has found new home at Dzintara Street 1c.
Surf club offers:
  • windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing lessons;
  • windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing equipment rental;
  • if the above mentioned water sports seem too complicated, you may try SUP (stand up paddle-board), that doesn’t acquire specific skills to fully enjoy a day on the water;
  • consultations, video analysis and advice on above mentioned water sports.

See you on the water!

  • Private lesson (windsurfing/ kitesurfing/ surfing ) including equipment rental
  • Group lessons for children (3 – 5 children in one group) including equipment, wetsuit and vest rental
  • Spinout/ Surf Pro surf camp – (3 day surf camp, each day surf/ kitesurf, windsurf/ skimboard/ SUP lessons on water, in the evening – surf videos. The price includes accommodation, meals, all necessary equipment. About transportation from Riga – please contact individually.
Equipment rental:
  • SUP (board and paddle) 
  • windsurf set
  • kitesurf set
  • surf board 
  • wetsuit
  • west/ harness


Wakepark ''Das Crocodill''

 Dzelzsceļa iela 50, Pāvilosta

+371 26654754,

4 elements, distance -120 m, 2 cables

40,00 € per hour

The best alternative windless days in Pāvilosta!



Fishing from the jetties and the coast


Fishing from jetties and seacoast.In the end of 2018 finished reconstruction of jetties. One of the most popular places where go fishing, need only Latvian fishing licence. Find it here: http://www,


Pāvilosta County is rich in rivers. In 2014 the major rivers in Pāvilosta County were cleaned of debris and a number of places where people can take a rest were arranged, thus making the rivers more accessible to boating enthusiasts.
The Durbe is a beautiful and winding river. It flows out of Lake Durbe and in Saka Parish it joins the River Tebra creating the River Saka, which then flows into the Baltic Sea. The River Durbe is one of the rivers formed from melting glaciers at the end of the Ice Age. The river shores are flat, except for a couple of places where the river stretches into the sandstone forming cliffs a few metres high. The river’s flow is constant. Tall deciduous trees and some grand fir trees stand high on the river banks.
The River Durbe, a humble place which is not popular among coastal scenery lovers or boaters, is where travellers can admire the unspoiled nature, where nothing disturbs the quiet and peaceful landscape.
The meandering River Tebra tempts with its wild coastal landscapes. It flows out of Lake Podnieki in Kalvene Parish. The ancient Littorina Sea coast where the River Tebra has made its way is geologically varied. There are sand and even gravel dunes, dolomite outcrops and river fords, blue and grey clay coasts, and the rapid water-formed double bottom riverbed. As the river flows, the coastal landscape also changes. There are both thick forests, as well as acquired farmland and deserted estates. Different living creatures can be seen at every bend of the river. Some time ago the flow of the River Tebra was restricted by a sluice, wherefrom part of the river current was directed to mills through a canal.
The River Saka is majestically magnificent with its lush verdant coast reflecting in the river, and its deep and serene waters winding through the fields and forests. The coastal landscape is decorated with ancient buildings, bridges and bridge ruins, small ships and boats. Strange-looking wooden ice breakers stand on both sides of the river and still guard the long gone wooden railway bridge. Behind the grand ash trees there are Pāvilosta manor buildings, crumbled kiln chimneys and a park with abandoned promenade pier stairs, touched by time and water, still welcoming boaters in the outskirts of Pāvilosta. The charm of the industrial heritage, combined with the splendour of the coastal lowland creates one of the most beautiful river landscapes in Latvia. The urban part of Pāvilosta starts behind the pedestrian bridge. Large and small boats, large and small ships, houses on the water, plank-ways and sounds of the small town - it all takes visitors to Pāvilosta marina and the sea.
The River Rīva is one of the most beautiful small rivers in Kurzeme. The River Rīva is located in the Piemāre wooded plain that in an earlier era was covered by water. Here the River Rīva still has a wide delta valley. Below the Liepāja - Ventspils railway line, the River Rīva valley becomes deeper, forming cliffs of 10 m and even higher. They once saved the River Rīva from riverbed improvement and all the way to where it flows to the sea it is untouched and runs a very sinuous course; only the river itself changes things here, not the people.
The lower reaches of the Rīva are 12-15 m wide and shallow with a picturesque coastline and some gentle rapids. The waterfall is more than 10 m high.

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"Priežu muiža" canoe boats
Pļavu iela 4, Pāvilosta
  You have a great possibility to forget daily work for a moment and enjoy silence and peace of nature, as well as go canoeing on the Saka, Durbe or Tebra rivers. We offer 4 and 3 seat canoe boats up to the group of 26 people, our own routes, a canoe boat, transportation of the equipment to your required place and also life jackets.
SIA "BEAVER" canoe boats
"Jūras", Bernāti, Nīcas pagasts, Nīcas novads, LV-3473
+371 26116933
Canoe boat rent from 30-60 Eur per boat.
Canoe boat rent "Redzēt Debesis"
Dzintaru iela 7A, Pāvilosta

+371 29401273, +371 20610511

Canoe boats and SUP boards ''Upeslejas''

"Upeslejas'', Saka

+371 29199094; +371 27626623