Sestdiena, 20.07.2024
Ramona, Ritma

Welcome in Pavilosta

Welcome to Pāvilosta region!
   A moment in life comes when you realize what real values are. Why do we need deserts and pyramids? Why do we get need the oceans? We do not need great treasures and other lands. We have our own vast fields, green forests and the blue sea water. We have our own beauty that thousands of tourists from developed countries and tourism meccas come to admire and have a look at. We have to be proud of our land and learn to appreciate what we've been given.
  The people af Kurzeme have always been called as proud people. But isn't there a reason?! The people living in Pāvilosta district are proud as well. Proud of their rich nature and beautiful land, the shores of which are washed by the blue-green Baltic Sea, riddling the white sand of the seashore. Proud of their traditions, which are still mantained and passed to the next generations. They are proud, but at the same time hospitable, hardworking and creative people. Almost three thousand inhabitants call Pāvilosta district their home. They are proud of their small land spot in the map of the World near the beautiful Baltic Sea, which they can cherish, love and take care of. They kindly share their love, pride and joy with every guest who decides to visit our district.
   We are proud of our first Lamprey festival that took place in Pāvilosta at the end of November, and we want it to become an annual holiday in the tourist season, which proves that Pāvilosta is not only a typical resort town but a city of rich traditions and wise people.
Vērgale is flourishing as never before, too. In its centre - in the heart of Vērgale - there stands the beautiful Vērgale manor, also called - Vērgale castle by the local people. The municipality has managed to renovate other buildings of Vērgale Manor complex this year, as well - the barn which is now the administrative building of the parish and the former alcohol brewery, which now houses the Vērgale Museum. It is not for nothing Vērgale parish has received national awards for its cleanliness and beautifully built-up rural lanscape.
   But at the time, when darkness is taking over most of the day and there is a wish for something white, bright and beautiful, winter and Christmas celebrate their arrival. Ziemupe Santa Claus and Rūķupe elves are well-known in all of Kurzeme and their good works have resonated even in the most distant districts and cities of Latvia and even beyond the boundaries of Latvia.
Pāvilosta district is a magic place where time gets a different flow encouraging to have a breath, stop and enjoy the sun, the sea and the billowing winds. It's a place where time stops!
Uldis Kristapsons
Chairman of Pāvilosta Region Municipality