Sestdiena, 23.02.2019
Haralds, Almants

Welcome in Pavilosta

Welcome to Pāvilosta region!
   Pāvilosta district is like unpolished amber, lying on the west coast of the Baltic Sea. The salinity of the sea, the brilliance of the sun, and the rustle of the wind glistens in its shade.
  Take it in your hand, and you will feel its tranquillity and calmness. How very light, unconstrained and relaxing it all is!
  Have a look at it, and you will see the white sandy beaches, stately pine forests, and the old fishermen's houses, which are still surrounded by the smel of the smoked fish.
  Listen and hear the winds play with the waves throwing them against the seashore, and the gray stony jetties that stand there to protect the mouth of the River Saka.
  Get to know it, and it will reveal the ancient fishermen's traditions, the nature of tenacious seamen, pride and grandeur of peasants, skills of craftsmen and hositality of tourism entrepreneurs.
  Each edge of this amber reveals something new, interesting and exciting. Draw its strength, energy and healing power.
  Put it in your pocket, and take it along!
Uldis Kristapsons
Chairman of Pāvilosta Region Municipality



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